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Lighting Crash Course DVD with Download

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Lighting Crash Course DVD & Download by Michael Andrew

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Currently we are only offering the SD Version of the LCC. The HD files were causing some problems when trying to download so we have removed them at this time. If you already purchased the HD version of the video and need to back up the file or If you have any issues with your download, please contact us directly at:

If you would also like to receive the Standard Definition DVD (Physical copy) for just the cost of shipping and handling, this is the product you would purchase. This will allow you to both download the Lighting Crash Course immediately, as well as receive a Standard Definition DVD when they ship in late April.

You can also order the download only, which would save you shipping and handling fees by Check out the new download version of this DVD on Michael's New Store: Lighting Crash Course Download Only

Nearly 4 years in the making, Michael's Lighting Crash Course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Light, as well as to arm you with an arsenal of lighting tools, concepts, techniques, principles, and setups. This is video apples to all camera users weather you use Nikon, Canon, Sony etc.

Michael's training videos regularly receive the highest ratings by students because he is able to take complex subject matter and explain it in a simple, easy to understand way. The Lighting Crash Course meticulously breaks down the mysteries of light, and will give photographers incredible skills and tools to light their compositions correctly.

Run time is approximately 3 Hours and 45 minutes.

Included Lessons

Module 1: What is Light?

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. What Is Light?
  • 3. Family of Angles
  • 4. Its In The Eyes
  • 5. How Polarization Works
  • 6. What Is White Balance?
  • 7. Golden Hour
  • 8. Water Color
  • 9. Quality of Light
  • 10. Light Observations
  • Module 2: Basic Light Control

  • 11. 2 Types of Light
  • 12. Inverse Law of Light
  • 13. The 3 Control Rules
  • Module 3: Light Tools & Techniques

  • 14. Light Meters, Incident vs Reflected Light
  • 15. Camera as a Light Meter
  • 16. Box Exercise
  • 17. Planar Lighting Technique
  • 18. Planar Lighting Rules
  • 19. Simple Planar Lighting
  • Module 4: Indoor/Studio Shooting

  • 20. Studio Tour
  • 21. Studio Lighting Gear
  • 22. Setting Up Strobe Triggers
  • 23. ETTL Triggers for Studio Strobes
  • 24. 4 Way Lighting Set Up
  • 25. Ratios
  • 26. High Key Crash Course
  • 27. High Key Clean Up In Photoshop
  • 27. One Strobe High Key
  • 28. Light Modifiers
  • 29. Short and Broad Lighting
  • 30. Butterfly Lighting
  • 31. Clam Shell Lighting
  • 32. Group Shooting
  • 33. Shooting Subject With Glasses
  • Module 5: Product Shooting

  • 34. Product Lighting Crash Course
  • 35. Mini Photo Tent
  • 36. Shooting Reflective Objects
  • 37. Jewelry Box
  • 38. Dark,Smooth,Round Objects
  • 39. Shooting Glass with Black Background
  • 40. Shooting Glass with Gap
  • 41. Shooting Glass with White Background
  • 42. Shooting Glass with Liquid
  • Module 6: Natural and Reflected Lighting

  • 43. Complete Shade
  • 44. Backlight Shooting
  • 45. As The Eye Sees
  • 46. Shadow Play
  • 47. Advanced Planar Lighting
  • 48. Trouble Shooting Sunset Shoot
  • 49. Quiz
  • 50. Outro
  • 51. Credits

  • Sample Lesson: Portrait Reverse Engineering | It's In The Eyes

    Note: Parts 1-4 as listed are HD, the file sizes are much larger. Part 5 & 6 are Standard Definition and much smaller. Also, be sure to use a hardwire connection to download your files. Thank you!

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