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MAVEN 3 Stop Grad Filter


Color Neutrality is one of the most important aspects of a quality ND filter. For many years, photography instructor Michael The Maven has been hesitant to recommend ND filters to his students due to the color cast found in the vast majority of them. 

While most ND filters advertise as Neutral Density, the truth is most create a dramatic color shift which makes it nearly impossible to composite or blend different exposures with and without a filter. Additionally, when ND filters are used for video shooting, correct color is even more critical as so many creators are shooting in a JPEG format of video and lack the editing range RAW files can provide. Strobe shooters also run into color cast issues when shooting portraits, even when using RAW files.

For these reasons, Michael spent 2 years researching filters and coming to the conclusion that there wasn't anything on the market he could recommend to his students in good faith. He learned that many filters used multiple coatings of Anti-Reflection, which actually shifted the color, and other brands advertised multiple AR coatings without color shift, which in testing revealed not to be the case.

Maven ND filters primary design is to be as close to perfectly color-cast free as possible, with the highest degree of sharpness.

Bullet Points:

  • Color Cast Free
  • Made with Schott B270 Ultra White Glass, known for its high transmittance
  • Multiple Layered Vacuum Nano Coated for improved transmittance & resistance to moisture
  • 100mm x 100mm x 2mm, Cokin Z Filter Size

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