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A6400 Cold Shoe Mount

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As any A6400 camera owner knows, Sony’s new front facing monitor is a powerful feedback tool for vlogging. The problem? Where to put the microphone in such a place that it doesn’t block the view of that very same monitor. Michael The Maven’s cold shoe mount bracket allows you to mount your hotshoe microphone to the right side of the camera, just above the grip. This placement is crtical as a left side mount would have created an ergonomic problem, creating torque from the opposite side of the grip. Furthermore, a left sided mount would interfere with the positioning of the strap, or ports.

Michael also wanted a fast on and off solution that required no tooling or time. The bracket is held into position my tension with the hotshoe only, but should be sufficient for most applications. Metal cages and brackets add weight to rigs. This mount weighs 3 grams, and we specifically designed to be flat in order to fit into most camera bags without protrusion. Made ABS plastic is also sufficiently strong, yet will also bear the brunt of wear on a metal surface. Metal on metal can create a number of problems with wear, as well as damage in the even of a drop. This bracket is designed to break in the event of a strong force hitting the microphone which also usually has a plastic mount.

Bullet Points:

  • Shifts Cold Shoe Microphone Mount to right, leaving front facing monitor unobstructed with good balance
  • Fast, easy on and off, No Tooling Required. Avoids strap mounts
  • 3D Printed in ABS Plastic to minimize wear & accidental damage of camera
  • Doesn’t interfere with shutter, thumb controls. It will however block your flash
  • 3 grams, adding almost no weight to you your set up

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