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MAVEN 3ND Grad Filter

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LIMITED EDITION - Michael's 3 Stop Neutral Density Grad Filter

This is Michael's #1 Secret for GREAT sunset photography...a 3 stop Neutral Density gradient filter!

"Any time you are shooting into the sun, there will be a mismatch between the brightness of the sky and the brightness of the foreground" Michael explains "A 3 Stop ND grad filter helps bring the two different exposures into alignment, resulting into a scene that can be captured with a single image."

No need to bracket your shots, get it right in camera in one! This results in less workflow time, easier editing and a more enjoyable shooting experience.

Additionally, the MAVEN 3ND Grad filter proudly represents Michael's Tier 1 Color Neutrality, which means there is no visible shift in color when using the grad as compared to what you see with the naked eye. Pair this with a 100mm Filter Holder & a MAVEN Filter Holster and you will be set for your next sunset!

"It's the only one I use now in my personal shooting and demo on my crash courses." Michael continued "Because of this filter's color performance, there is literally no time spent in post-production trying to match the sky color with the foreground color, something you have to do with almost every single other grad filter out there. It's the best 3 Stop ND grad filter I have ever tested in regards to color."

- Measures 150mm x 100m x ~1.9mm - Made With High Performance, Pure White Optical Glass from Germany - 16 Layers of Multi Resistance Coating - Hydrophobic Nano Particle Surface for Easier Cleaning - Backed with Michael's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This 3 Stop Grad filter is a must for every landscape photographer. And the best part? "No More Extra Steps!" Get yours while they are still available!

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