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Sony A7Rii Crash Course Download Only

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I just got my A7Rii and saw this training for under $40 and thought I'd reference it all year. There is a lot to like here Starting with Mike:

You can tell that this was a project that took Mike many months to create with his different Hair cuts and weight changes (which made him very human btw). He never once says "UM" and you can tell that he carefully chose every word. He knows a lot but never broadcasts that in his tone. I take a lot of video courses and I am a foot tapping type of student especially when the teachers feel the need prove they know something by covering every possible scenario - or by exuding a smug kind of superiority (refreshingly absent from this course). There is a "serious about what I do" energy to Mike so you get the feeling that he's putting his knowledge out here not to make a buck but to share his passion with those of us that need some guidance -- Photography is clearly his passion.

The Course: There were things I learned that I've been asking other photographers about for months and couldn't get a straight answer. Things like: What's the "average-most-likely-to-give-you-the-best-shot" aperture for a distance shot. I learned about the lenses that go with this camera and which ones I will likely want and why. What the mm on the lenses is referring to. The camera controls in detail (I'll be watching that one a lot). There is a great segment on composition and tips for getting the most out of your shot. How to think like a photographer and why some shots make people look worse. If you own this camera, You pumped out a lot of cash so $40 is worth having this well documented and organized and easy to listen to and follow class. Thanks for all the effort Mike, it made a difference.


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