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Canon Rebel XSi Crash Course DVD + Download

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I have seen in total 3 DVD Training Guide for Rebel XSi. This one from Michael is the best. It is detailed and Michael give out very helpful tips. I strongly recommend you to get this one. The other training DVD for XSi are very "marketing oriented" if you know what I mean. This one is the genuine article!

I love this DVD and its been really helpful for beginners like me. He broke it down into very "chewable" chapters, its not boring or in any way ridiculous (like the other XSi DVDs).

He tells you all the features of the XSi, provides very helpful photography basics, and excellent tips on how to take great shots!

This is the best XSi DVD training program out there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I would like to offer my deepest thanks to Michael for this DVD and for helping me process this order.

Good luck and more power!
Michael R. Cruz


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