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Canon 70D Crash Course Download

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BEST 4 HOURS I EVER SPENT learning how to use and (more importantly) CUSTOMIZE my new and expensive camera!! Well done! Thank you so very much, Michael Andrew, for putting this Crash Course together--fabulous for a beginner like myself! This course is certainly worth 3-4 times the actual purchase price, especially when one considers the high quality & caliber of the information reviewed. You certainly saved me countless hours of struggling through the (boring) instruction manual / CD in order how to figure out how to use this very special piece of equipment; I've recommended this course to a friend who recently purchased the same camera. I'm planning to invest in a Speedlite 600 in the near future, and I'm very much looking forward to purchasing that Crash Course as well :) Cheers! (Stacey G. Port Saint Lucie, FL)


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