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Canon 5D iii Crash Course DVD with Download

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With my recent purchase of the Canon 5D mk3 , I was faced with the boring task of trying to read the user manual , I took just one look at the size of the book and told myself that this was written by some kind of design engineer and has been written for such type of person and not the everyday run of the mill type of person such as myself who can barely use a pro-camera never mind read and fully understand the user manual. So the best thing I ever did purchase toward my camera equipment was Michaels training video for the Canon 5D mk3 . This has been the most well used money I have ever spent. The training video has been done in such away by Michael that the ordinary laymen like myself can fully understand what he is saying, which I found incredible . I set my camera up just as Michael says so in the training video and now my camera works very well, before this I could barely get the camera to take a single shot off at all . Thanks Michael for taking the time to making this training video for all us dummies in the camera photographic world that much easier , keep up the good work . I highly recommend this training video for anyone who has little or no idea how to use or set their Canon 5D mk3 up correctly . A small price to pay for so much knowledge .


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