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Canon Rebel T3i Crash Course Training Guide DVD + Download

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Candidly, I have no idea how a novice photographer can effectively use a camera like the T3i without a course like this. For background, I was a photo hobbyist as a young kid and had my own darkroom. My interest was renewed circa 1970 when I took the School of Modern Photography's course in professional photography. Again, I had my own darkroom and mostly shot in black and white.

The last SLR camera I used was a Canon Elan, but I have been out of the hobby for about 20 years using only point and shoot digital cameras since. I decided to venture into the world of DSLR with the purchase of a T3i, but even with my past photographic experience, I found myself rather overwhelmed by the camera with its seemingly endless features controlled by seemingly too many buttons and switches. I felt uncomfortable with the camera and found myself just using the Auto mode.

Searching for information on the internet, I came upon a preview video of this course and after watching it and then searching out other potential video tutorials, I purchased this course a couple of days ago. It was more than I anticipated.

After watching the first video and half of the second over a day, I now feel completely comfortable with this camera, and I am ready to do some serious shooting able to take advantage of and understanding all of the features of this wonderful, entry level camera.

Michael takes the student through this camera in a thorough and concise fashion such that anyone watching the video should feel comfortable with and understand the features of this camera and how to implement them.

As an aside, in that I had been away from photography for a considerable amount of time, even as once advanced photographer, I found the basic tutorial on photographic principle a great review.

If you have a camera for which Michael has a video tutorial and you are not 100% clear on the features, buttons and photographic techniques, buy the video!!


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